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  • Fatal Accident
    One person is dead following a crash this morning on the Coquihalla. Central Interior Traffic Services Sgt. Mike Pears says the fatal accident occurred at roughly 10:15 am, 4km south of Merritt. He confirms that a small car with one occupant traveling southbound...
    30 May 2016
  • Heat Wave Coming
    Summer-like conditions expected to return by the weekend

    Environment Canada's Armel Castellan says an exceptionally strong ridge of high pressure, will have the thermometer rising.

    "We're coming back to the pattern we saw in the first half...
    30 May 2016
  • "Canadian Industry Fragmented"
    Madison's Canadian Lumber Reporter is seeing little progress in talks for a new Softwood Lumber Agreement with the United States.

    Publisher Keta Kosman blames a fragmented Canadian industry, led by Quebec, in the face of a unified approach by its American...
    30 May 2016
  • Environment Canada: No Warning
    Sudden hail and rain developing too quickly yesterday to predict.

    Environment Canada's Aremel Castellan says the intense weather yesterday, which caused numerous car accidents at multiple locations on the Coquihalla, and Okanagan Connector, developed...
    30 May 2016
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