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DICK Jaydee Leslie Jr. DOB 20000317 mr19 5757

Updated -

Cpl. Brock Hedrick has confirmed to Q101 News that the warrant for Jaydee Dick has been executed.

Police thank the public for their assistance.


The Merritt RCMP have an active arrest warrant for Jaydee Leslie Dick, 20, of Merritt. 

“The warrant is for one count of Voyeurism under Section 162(1)(a) Criminal Code of Canada,” wrote Cpl. Brock Hedrick.

Dick is 6'2" tall, 161 lb's with black hair and brown eyes.


If you have any information in relation to the whereabouts of Dick, please call the Merritt RCMP at (250) 378-4262 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.


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Road Closed

A gas line was struck this morning, complicating some Merrittonains’ morning commute.

Q101 received word that a gas line was struck along Voght Street causing the road to be completely closed to traffic between Grimmet and Merritt avenue, forcing drivers to detour through the bench or via the highway.

The road was reopened around 9 am.

Voght Street construction continues in the area and drivers should expect normal delays in the area.


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aaron same

With the next provincial election, at the most, a year away, or possibly sooner should Premier John Horgan trigger one, the BC NDP have acclaimed their candidate for the riding of Fraser-Nicola, Aaron Sumexheltza.

The former Lower Nicola Chief and current band councillor will be venturing back into provincial politics after losing the nomination to Harry Lali in 2017.

Q101 spoke with the Merrittonian to discuss why he decided the time was right to once again make a run at provincial office.

“I’m from Merritt and I care passionately about our community here and the communities in Fraser-Nicola. I’m really excited to be nominated as the NDP candidate and moving forward I want to what I can to make our community better,” began Sumexheltza.

“I’m really excited to join John Horgan’s team now and I’m planning to as the candidate to what I can to listen to people and be ready whenever the election is called,” added Sumexheltza.

Sumexheltza also laid out some of his concerns and reasons for running in Fraser-Nicola.

“A lot of people in our riding are concerned about their health and their future as we deal with the impact of COVID-19,” said Sumexheltza. “We have a lot of work to do in this province. We have to continue to strengthen our health care system, promote and continue to focus on education and our classrooms. And make sure that people in Merritt and other parts of the riding have a sustainable future and feel secure and we continue through this pandemic.”

Fraser-Nicola is currently held by two-term Liberal MLA Jackie Tegart. No other candidate has been acclaimed at this time.


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Francis Cops for Kids

The City of Merritt and the local RCMP Detachment will once again be represented at this year’s Cops for Kids ride as Cpl. Derrick Francis is set to pedal for the third time in the event.

Cpl. Francis joined Q101 earlier this summer to discuss his 1000 km trek around the Interior.

“We had another member from Merritt, Jon Puterbough, who was participating at the time and he told me what a positive experience it was for him and some of the families they were able to meet,” began Francis. “So, I decided to buy a used bike and do it for myself and hopefully, I can do it for a long time to come.”

Since 2001, the charity has raised over $5.5 million for families across the Interior.

“All the funds stay in the Interior of British Columbia. So, families in the Interior can apply for these funds when they’re facing health challenges with a child. A number of the funds are used for some of the things the medical services don’t provide like travel expenses, accommodation, lost wages in order to keep to family together during the challenging times,” added Francis.

As Francis begins his ride today, the Cpl. has already surpassed his fundraising goal with $4,275 of $2,500 raised.

To donate directly to Cpl. Francis -


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As announced by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission September 10th, 2020, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (JPBG) has submitted an application to purchase the operations of CKMQ 101.1FM from Merritt Broadcasting Ltd.

Seeing this as an exciting opportunity to bring even more programming and multi-media opportunities to the Nicola Valley radio market, Merritt Broadcasting owner Elizabeth Laird made a local announcement earlier where the Laird family stated they feel they have made the best choice for Merritt’s radio legacy, staying strong during these changing times.

“Its an emotional decision and we feel in addition to greater technology resources for listeners and the announcers at CKMQ, Pattison is our preference of any potential broadcast company to continue this legacy. After all, they've known the Nicola Valley market directly through radio and TV service to the area for over 35 years. Pattison is also keeping CKMQ operations and announcers right here in the Nicola Valley, where local studios have been located since 1970”.

"It’s very important for us to feel confident that the level of service, local news, and local broadcast hours are maintained and even enhanced with new regional capabilities; which Pattison Broadcast has demonstrated by their commitment to other markets the size of Merritt. We see a very bright future continuing our traditions of dedication to the business community, listeners, and charitable organizations that we have worked side by side with for over 25 years.”

The announcement coincides with the 50th anniversary of radio in the Nicola Valley with Q101 beginning a promotion celebrating the 1970 launch of CJNL, Merritt’s first local radio station, and the Laird’s family investment beginning in 1994, which led to CKMQ FM launching in 2009.

Jim Pattison Broadcast Group operates 47 radio stations, 3 TV stations, and multiple digital news platforms successfully in many similar markets across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

“Local radio has a solid foundation in the Nicola Valley and we’re very proud of the Merritt Broadcasting legacy continuing under new leadership. We are pleased that Jim Pattison Broadcast Group will continue our commitment to community service as we have created for over 25 years”.

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