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MONACO Christina Winter Winnings 50000 Vancouver Nov 18 2020 WEB

A quick stop at a Merritt gas station led to a big win for a Vancouverite.

When Christina Monaco double-checked her Scratch & Win card, the Vancouver resident couldn’t believe she nearly overlooked the $50,000 win.

“I scratched the ticket in the car and I didn’t realize it was a winner,” said Monaco, who purchased the ticket at the Esso gas station in Merritt. “I wanted to check it to see if I missed anything…I scanned it on my phone and found out it was $50,000.”

“I was in shock,” she added.

This is the latest win from the Merritt area which has seen some massive lotto wins in the past few years.

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Darius Sam

Darius Sam will once again be attempting to run 100-miles all for charity.

After learning that his previous run in the summer fell short at 89-miles, Sam has decided to attempt the ultra-marathon once more.

Sam’s run in the summer was in support of the Nicola Valley Food Bank, with over $100,000 being raised for the cause.

This time, he’ll be running in support of Nicola Family Therapy and in particular the creation of a free program to support men in the Nicola Valley. Currently, there are funded programs for both women and children but not men.

Sam’s journey will begin on December 5.

To date, Sam has raised $430.

Anybody looking to support the run can visit the Go Fund Me -


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Stump Lake

The Thompson Nicola Regional District has voted to not take on the project of lowering the water levels in Stump Lake after receiving a lengthy report on the possible liability of the decision.

“The significant possibility of lawsuits arising from whether we pursue a short-term option lowering the lake or a long-term option of managing flood mitigation. The conclusion is that we would be barring a significant amount of liability and there is a real possibility of lawsuits from that,” said TRND Staff.

Local Area Director David Laird addressed the issue and continuing to advocate for the lowering of the lake to provincial ministers.

“We’ve fulfilled our obligation as a local government. Just alone a $65,000 study that actually has a solution that we don’t have the power or ability to put in place without substantial liability issues,” said Laird.

Mayor Linda Brown also spoke to possible downstream flooding affecting the Merritt area.

“I would like to see us continue to help the residents. I’m coming from the position that if nothing is done with the water in Stump Lake, come freshet the City of Merritt could be flooded. So, if nothing is done we stand a pretty good chance of being flooded, along with the residents of Nicola Lake,” said Mayor.

More to come


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city merritt council

This evening Merritt City Council will hold a public hearing regarding the possibility of removing the self-imposed cap of four retail cannabis stores in town.

Currently, the City of Merritt has a self-imposed cap of four cannabis retail stores. While if approved the cap would be removed, Planning Manager Don MacArthur noted other requirements that would limit the number of shops.

“The proposed amendment would not alter minimum distance requirements. Retail Cannabis Sales stores must be a minimum of 100 metres from other Cannabis stores, and 150 metres from parcels in the Park & Cemetery (P1) zone, as well as 150 metres from daycares and schools in the Institutional & Public Use (P2) and City Centre District (C6) zones,” said McArthur.

“The retail cannabis industry is currently the only business type on which the City places a cap. While staff has no preference on whether Council maintains the limit of four stores, removing the cap would enable any potentially interested businesses to apply,” added McArthur.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions being tightened, any members of the public not feeling comfortable in attending the meeting can write council or even leave a voice mail according to Director of Corporate Services Greg Lowis.

The hearing begins at 6 pm in the Chambers.


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The new BC Liberal Caucus has elected Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond as the Official Opposition’s interim leader until a leadership competition can be held.

“I appreciate the confidence and trust my colleagues have placed in me as we work together to hold John Horgan and the NDP government to account in the coming months,” said Bond. “I want to thank Andrew Wilkinson for his service as leader over the past several years and I look forward to continuing to work with him and our entire team of new and returning MLAs to present a positive vision for this province.”

The BC Liberal Caucus also appointed Stephanie Cadieux as their new Caucus Chair.

“As the Interim Leader of the Official Opposition, it’s now my duty to ensure that the voices of British Columbians from all across the province are heard by John Horgan and his NDP government. We will hold them to account for the decisions that impact us all,” added Bond. “In the coming days, I’ll be meeting with caucus members, appointing a leadership team, and assigning MLA critic portfolios. We have an excellent team of MLAs ready to get to work on behalf of their constituents and all British Columbians. We look forward to having the opportunity to return to the Legislature as soon as that is possible.”

The BC Liberal MLAs will be officially sworn in on November 27, 2020 and the BC Legislature is currently scheduled to return for a brief legislative session starting on December 7, 2020.

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