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A unique zoning initiative is reducing the risk and impact of a large-scale outbreak in the livestock industry.

BC Cattlemen Association President Judy Guichon says the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba-Ontario boundary, the only passage point for commercial vehicles between Eastern and Western Canada will help control the possible spread of foot and mouth disease.

Since December 6th, the facility has run continuously, ensuring a complete data set of all livestock movement between the zones.

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The BC Hockey League trade deadline arrives at 6 pm today, but things could be slower than past years.

Since December 1st, there have been just five trades involving seven teams and seven players.

In 2009, there were 15 trades involving 19 teams and 21 players over the same time period.

The Merritt Centennials aren't expected to make a major splash, but are considering adding a defenceman.

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An online function that would highlight the value of locating a business within TNRD boundaries might not be as beneficial as some TNRD board members might think.

Patrick Lindsay, the CEO and General Manager of Community Futures Nicola Valley, doesn't agree with the electronic process versus the hands-on approach.

Lindsay says the money available for the electronic process might be better spent by distributing it to the people doing the work.

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Another Liberal leadership hopeful made his way into the interior on the weekend.

Kevin Falcon, MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale and candidate for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party kicked things off in Merritt Friday afternoon.

Falcon told the media prior to a meet and greet at the Civic Centre that whoever the ultimate successful candidate is they will have to demonstrate that they can not only hold the caucus together, but also demonstrate that they can hold the coalition together.

Falcon was in Kamloops for a similar meet and greet on Saturday.

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The BC Cattlemen Association has prepared applications for drought relief to be presented to both Provincial and Federal Governments.

Association president Judy Guichon says the application is for the entire province, not just badly affected regions.

Guichon says if it doesn't turn around, the industry will pass the tipping poing, and, the cattle industry will no longer be viable in BC.

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