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New coordinator at the Nicola Valley Shelter Support Society aims to eradicate homelessness in Merritt.

While he admits it's a lofty goal, Amery Schultz says it's happened in other places... why not Merritt?

“The immediate challenge for a place like Merritt is its small population base. We don’t have the resources a larger centre like Kelowna or Kamloops has. For example in Vancouver, they throw money away left right and centre on initiatives. Here when we start talking about how to help the 20 to 30 homeless citizens, it’s the 2010 Olympic model thinking for most, why can’t they just go to another town.”

Schultz has been hired on through a 22-month contract awarded by BC Housing to the society back in April.

His time will be split between finding long-term low cost housing options for those in need in addition to running the Extreme Cold Weather Shelter in the winter months.

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