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Merrittonian Craig Gray has been a strong voice on the water situation in the Nicola Valley. Over a year ago, Mr. Gray first made a presentation to City Council on the water supply in the Valley and since has regularly attended meetings to address Council during public input.

Over that time, Gray has been steadfast in his belief that a water committee must be created in Merritt. With the latest City meeting on the water situation being held without the public, due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, Gray has grown frustrated by the progress.

“I find it extremely disturbing the way you are handling your responsibility to the citizens of Merritt. Holding this meeting of the whole on the Merritt Water situation when alas no citizen can question Merritt Staff’s presentation, even though it is seriously flawed. Heck, you can not even printout the PDF file to use as a reference while checking the validity of the facts claimed as it is just in presentation mode,” wrote Gray in a letter addressed to Mayor and Council.

“Why not just appoint a Water Committee to look into the options facing Merritt, instead of a Meeting of the Whole with staff’s views?” added Gray.

The Committee of the Whole held on Tuesday was scheduled following a request from Councillor Tony Luck to better examine the water supply in the Valley.


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