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Garcia Family November 2020

The story behind the Garcia family’s battle with COVID-19 is being highlighted by the Royal Inland Hospital as they begin their holiday fundraising campaign. 

Back in March, Frank Joseph Garcia contracted pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital here in Merritt. In Merritt, Frank’s condition rapidly deteriorated. He was intubated and sent by ambulance the next day to Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops. He was also tested for COVID-19. The result came back positive.

“It was unreal and very scary. None of us could believe that he had COVID-19 and we could not figure out where he got it from. He went into ICU at RIH and we could not see him. For weeks, we did not know if he would even pull through. The uncertainty over such a long period of time was very hard on our family. We cried every day,” said his wife, Cathy Garcia.

Frank does not remember being in the ICU, nor does he remember anything of the 42 days following his admittance. In fact, when he finally regained consciousness, he thought the nurse was joking when she told him it was May and not March.

“I love my wife, my kids, my grandkids more than words can say. They are my world. The thought that COVID-19 could end my life, and I would never see them again, was unbearable,” said Frank. 

Frank’s physical and mental strength before contracting COVID-19 allowed him to pull through. Back in Merritt, his life is gradually returning to the new normal of life in a pandemic

The Garcia Family’s connection with RIH did not end when Frank was discharged. His daughter, Marcy, was admitted a couple of months later, not with COVID-19, but rather to give birth to a premature baby. She was rushed to RIH from Merritt on July 28.

Their full story and a link to donate can be found here -


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