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As the election campaign comes to a close, Q101 will be speaking once again with all five candidates in Fraser-Nicola for some final thoughts on the race, how the COVID-19 protocols affected campaigning, and their confidence heading into Saturday. 

Jackie Tegart is the BC Liberal Candidate and incumbent in Fraser-Nicola. Tegart has served as the MLA for the past seven years.

Tegart joined Q101 to discuss how her campaign has been, her confidence heading into Saturday, and a final message for voters in the riding. 

“It’s been busy. We’re putting everything we can into these last few days. We never take a vote for granted, so our team is committed to getting all the work done and we’ll see what happens on Saturday,” said Tegart. 

COVID-19 dominated a lot of conversation throughout the campaign said Tegart.

“People are very concerned about COVID and the impact of COVID and the fact that if we don’t have a good recovery plan we are really in trouble as a province. Very much recognition of the fact that the support programs that we saw throughout the Summer won’t be there. They’re concerned about what their communities are going to look like as small businesses are looking at a long and bleak winter. They’re looking for the party that has the best plan to bring us back and I’m happy to share the recovery plan in the BC Liberal platform,” said Tegart.

Tegart knows well how tight the race in Fraser-Nicola has been in years past.

“Our riding has always been a tight one. We go out and we do our best in every community that we represent. I would say that we’ve done the work, I’ve been the MLA for seven years and I’ve worked closely with all of our communities, we’ve delivered a lot of projects. We’ve done the work and hopefully, that’s recognized on Saturday,” said Tegart. 

The incumbent shared a final message with the voters ahead of election day.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to represent Fraser-Nicola for the last seven years, and I hope people will give me the support I need to do the next four. It’s an incredibly important election for British Columbia. The pandemic has sent our economy into a tailspin and I believe the BC Liberals are the best party to bring us out of this. So, I look forward to your support, I look forward to the results. I want to thank the other candidates for putting their names forward, I think it’s important that people have a choice,” concluded Tegart. 

The full BC Liberal platform can be seen here

Election day is Saturday, voting will take place at the Civic Centre in Merritt from 8-8.


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