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Councillor Mike Bhangu

As the election campaign comes to a close, Q101 will be speaking once again with all five candidates in Fraser-Nicola for some final thoughts on the race, how the COVID-19 protocols affected campaigning, and their confidence heading into Saturday. 

Mike Bhangu is one of two independent’s running for MLA in Fraser-Nicola. Bhangu currently serves as a City Councillor in Merritt.

Bhangu has been running a one-man-show campaign through the riding hoping to stir up support and joined Q101 ahead of election day to share some final thoughts, and what he’s been hearing from the voters. 

“It’s been quite the experience running a campaign on my own. It’s been a challenge, but I think I rose to the occasion,” began Bhangu. “It's clear that my ideas obviously threaten these political parties or some political party supporters would not have attacked me the way they did.”

As for what he has been hearing from residents, Bhangu says people are happy for a different option.

“The majority of them agree, our communities are regressing, our communities require help and healing. The political parties come by, they offer crumbs with one hand, and then they reach into our pockets with the other. We all feel this, we all feel this is something wrong. People are extremely happy that they have an option, an option that is willing to speak the truth,” said Bhangu.

Confidence wise Bhangu feels he could surprise some people when the ballots are counted.

“I think I can win this. If the support that I have garnered makes it to the polls I honestly think I can win this. I will be very close, it will be very tight, but if the support I’ve seen, the support that has reached out to me, if they make it to the polls we got this,” stated Bhangu. 

The City Councillor shared a final message ahead of tomorrow’s vote. 

“We’ve done the same thing over and over and over again every election. We’ve gravitated to these big political parties, what has it done for us? Our communities they require healing, the political parties are not listening, if they were our communities would not be regressing. This election lets try something different, lets send a message to Victoria,” concluded Bhangu. 

Bhangu’s platform can be seen here

Election day is Saturday, voting will take place at the Civic Centre in Merritt from 8-8.


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