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Jonah Timms

As the election campaign comes to a close, Q101 will be speaking once again with all five candidates in Fraser-Nicola for some final thoughts on the race, how the COVID-19 protocols affected campaigning, and their confidence heading into Saturday. 

Jonah Timms is representing the Green Party in Fraser-Nicola for the upcoming vote.

Timms joined Q101 to speak to the final days of the campaign for his team.

“The last few days have been pretty busy. We’re working on getting out to people in the last week, making sure that they are voting. Calling our supporters and getting out into the communities like Merritt to do some sign waves. Meeting people, still hearing concerns.”

As it is Timms’ first election, the COVID-19 protocols didn’t feel weird or different.

“As a younger person, I feel like I took to it pretty well. Certainly, with COVID most of my interactions with family and friends nowadays are online. So, doing stuff online and posting pictures and making sure we’re doing stuff safely, I feel like I adapted well to it. But this is also my first campaign, so I don’t know anything different. It would have been nice to go door to door and get those larger groups, but we want to keep everyone safe.”

The biggest issue Timms heard from the constituents was area specific.

“We’re a big riding and I feel like in certain areas of the riding I hear about different stuff. In and around Cache Creek and Clinton I hear a lot about internet connectivity. Down in Hope, I hear more about homelessness and mental health. But throughout the riding, I hear about forestry concerns and resource jobs as well as hearing that our seniors and elders are able to stay in our communities in a safe and affordable manner.

Confidence wise, Timms is feeling good ahead of Saturday’s vote.

“I’m feeling really good. I have talked to a lot of people here and I’ve spoken to a lot of people who initially said I’m not going to vote Green because you’re against forestry jobs or resource extraction. I follow up by saying that the Greens are really dedicated to ensuring that they are managed more sustainably and better than they are right now so our jobs can truly be sustainable. I feel like a lot of people in the riding are a little hesitant to vote green at first but once they learn what our policies and platform is, they feel a lot more confident in voting for us.”  

Timms had this final message for the people of Fraser-Nicola.

“I’ve spent the last month talking to folks all across the riding, getting to know their concerns and issues, and getting to see their communities. I’m really excited to hear those and act on behalf of everyone in Fraser-Nicola when I get elected and go to Victoria. Certainly, the Greens are the only party who are dedicated to listening to experts and ensuring that our resources are managed sustainably. We want to end fossil fuel subsidies and invest those into social programs for the benefit of everyone in BC. As your Green MLA, I will fight every day, to ensure that the lives of everybody in the riding improves in such a way that we can have communities that are vibrant and have people that live in our towns be able to raise a family and age in our communities safely and affordably.”

Full Green Platform here.

Election day is Saturday, voting will take place at the Civic Centre in Merritt from 8-8.


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