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As the election campaign comes to a close, Q101 will be speaking once again with all five candidates in Fraser-Nicola for some final thoughts on the race, how the COVID-19 protocols affected campaigning, and their confidence heading into Saturday. 

Dennis Adamson was the last of the five candidates to join the race for Fraser-Nicola. The former VP of the Fraser-Nicola NDP riding association resigned that position following the appointment of Aaron Sumexheltza and choose to run as an independent.

Adamson joined Q101 to address how the final days of the campaign have been for his camp.

“It's been really good. I’ve been talking to a lot of people and a lot of people are tired of the parties, they just find they do nothing. I’m getting some support, I’m really happy.”

Adamson also addressed the unusual nature of this election cycle and campaigning virtually.

“With COVID it makes it really hard to knock doors, which is something I love. Then you get to talk to the people directly and hear their concerns, it’s the human touch, I really like that. I find that when I talk to people their direct, they tell you what the problem is.”

COVID-19 remained the biggest issue Adamson heard from constituents.

“It’s a very frightening thing. A lot of people I talked to were mad at John Horgan for putting us into this situation for his ego.”

While the results could likely be delayed for two weeks after election day, Adamson is confident heading into Saturday.

“I’m feeling good. I know the NDP must be scared because they keep bringing people like John Horgan up to support their candidate. I have a lot of support, I think people are just tired of the parties and they want someone that is going to fight for them, rural BC and small towns.”

Adamson had this final message for the voters in Fraser-Nicola.

“The reason I’m running is that I believe the party system is broken. The three political parties in BC only care about the rich and powerful corporations’ interests. I want to be the voice for small town and rural BC. The issues important to the people of Fraser-Nicola such as jobs and economic development, small business survival, fighting climate change, health care, affordability, transportation infrastructure, and indigenous issues. I can do that best as an independent candidate who works free of the strict control of political parties. I believe as an independent candidate I can work harder for the constituents and represent true democracy.”

Election day is Saturday, voting will take place at the Civic Centre in Merritt from 8-8.


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