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Murray Church

Twenty-one months after the Murray Church was burnt down, a groundbreaking ceremony has been scheduled to begin the rebuild.

On January 11, 2019, the Murray Church was burnt to the ground in an alleged case of arson.

Since then the community has been attempting to raise the funds needed to rebuild what was the oldest building in the Nicola Valley.

Jack Polmans joined Q101 to share his excitement for the big day on Sunday.

“At 1:30 pm, on the site, we will be having a sod-turning ceremony,” said Polmans. “We’ve raised the funds, at least to get a good start on it and we will be starting construction in the next few weeks.”

“Break ground, put up the outside, and then stop for the winter and carry on in the Spring,” is the plan said Polmans.

Anybody hoping to witness the ceremony is asked to remain in their own COVID-19 circles, remain six feet apart, and wear masks.


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