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Elections BC

British Columbians prepared to cast a ballot in the provincial election can begin voting in advanced polls starting today.

Advanced polling will begin today and run 8 am- 8 pm every day until October 20.

Merrittonians looking to cast an early ballot can do so at the Merritt Civic Centre. 

The advance voting period is seven days this election, up from six in the last provincial election in 2017. An extra day has been added to give voters more opportunities to vote and to help reduce numbers in voting places as a pandemic response measure.

Voters voting in person will see many protective measures including:

  • Physical distancing
  • Voting place capacity limits
  • Election officials wearing personal protective equipment including face masks and visors
  • Protective barriers at voting stations
  • Hand sanitizing stations at the entry and exit of voting places
  • Frequent cleaning of voting booths and high-touch surfaces
  • Election officials trained on safe workplace guidelines and pandemic safety protocols

Other options for voting including vote by mail, and waiting until election day (October 24) to cast your ballot in-person.


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