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Over the past few weeks, Q101 has been posting articles covering some of the major topics and concerns in Fraser-Nicola ahead of the provincial election.

Dennis Adamson, Independent, was the final candidate to join the race locally, and in fairness to all candidates, Adamson has provided comments on some of the larger issues previously covered by the other four candidates such as forestry, small businesses, and housing.

Small Business –

Small business is one of the biggest concerns in the area. We need to help the stores stay open and work with the Federal Government as well as the Provincial government to make sure they have a chance to survive.

They’ve had disaster after disaster, going from forest fires to the epidemic. We need to do something to help them so they can stay open. It helps everyone when small businesses remain open in town.

Forestry –

I would fight hard to keep the mills open. I see those raw logs rolling down the highway and with it the jobs. The use to have it where, wherever you cut the logs you mill them, I believe that’s how you need to get it back to again.

I also think we need to spend money on reforestation. People are thinking about other ways of utilizing forest products. There are other things than just cutting down the trees that you can use the forest for, and I think you need to encourage other uses.

Housing –

I believe that the government should put more money into low-income housing. It’s something that in every part of BC there are people struggling to keep a roof over their head.

I also think at the same time we should make some rules on building, to make so when you build something you have to put a metal roof on, make it more fire-resistant, higher insulation, so when the house is built to will have lower costs to maintain it and keep it heated. That way I believe it would make it more economical to live in a house because it’s cheaper to maintain.

Election day is Saturday, October 24, 2020.


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