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Voght Development

Through a 5-2 vote, (Bhangu and White in opposition) Merritt City Council has approved amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Zoning bylaw, allowing a proposed residential development to proceed.

The subject property is along Voght, at Grimmett. The proposed development includes 15 townhomes fronting Voght Street and 52 modular homes in a modular home park, which would have vehicular access off Grimmett Street.

“In the conceptional site plan, and that word conceptional is very important,” began Planning Manager Don McArthur. “It’s a potential of what could be put there. Yes, the design will be tweaked and changed.”

McArthur used fire truck access as an example saying the final plan will need to be altered to allow for proper turnaround zones.

Multiple members of the public and council raised concerns around the development itself, however, McArthur assured the room that those issues would be tackled during the subdivision and development permit stages of the application.

“We go through all the issues and all the different technical studies that might need to be done and those are all requirements of subdivision approval. That’s the really important process and that is a staff process. I can give you my assurance that staff will address those issues,” added McArthur.

It was also noted by staff that rezoning the property will also limit what the developer can build as it's considered a down-zoning. Before the changes, the developer could have built up to five stories without needed council approval or any amendments. The new zoning limits the build to a maximum of four-story townhomes along Voght and modular housing in behind.


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