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Horgan with Cheifs

(Premier Horgan with the five local chiefs in 2019 at the Coldwater School)

An announcement by the province is expected as early as today to officially transfer the Gateway 286 lands to the Nicola Valley first nation communities.

An email from Spayum Holdings LP, which is controlled by the five local first nation bands (Lower Nicola, Upper Nicola, Nooaitch, Coldwater, and Shackan) is currently being circulated to the local bands.

“The province just recently made the decision to announce that the Gateway 286 lands, approximately 25 acres, will be transferred to Spayum Holdings LP,” reads the email. “We expect this announcement could be made as early as Friday, September 18.”

Last year Premier John Horgan was in Merritt for the signing of an ‘Economic Development Protocol Agreement’. One of the key factors in the agreement was ‘Prioritize the review of Nicola First Nations’ application to develop the proposed gateway 286 site as a cultural learning and visitor centre’.

More to come.


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