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Yesterday, BC Premier John Horgan unveiled the province’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan, which some see as a base for a future election platform.

When asked about the possibility of an early election, Horgan said he hadn’t made up his mind yet on calling one.

Fraser-Nicola Liberal MLA Jackie Tegart recently joined Q101 to discuss the speculation of an early election and why the Liberal don’t feel the time is right.

“Well we’ll be ready, but we certainly are not anyone who is saying we want an early election,” began Tegart. “We’re in a pandemic, people are scared, people don’t know what the next month or two looks like. We’re going into winter, we’re going into flu season, I hardly think it’s a good time to have an early call for an election.”

“The election date is October 2021. We’re in the midst of a pandemic, we should be concentrating on keeping people safe and healthy, keeping our kids safe and healthy, and looking at the impact of COVID-19 on our communities and how we get the economy going again,” added Tegart.

While not wanting an election to be called, Tegart discussed the work being done to prepare for an election campaign.

“Certainly, in our riding, I have my team together. Our wish is that we be working on recovery plans for COVID rather than election plans, but we certainly have done some work on putting our team together,” said Tegart.

“I see a great deal of hope if the government shows leadership. We will continue as opposition to make sure that we keep them accountable and that the dollars committed to assisting go to the appropriate places,” concluded Tegart.


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