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The Upper Nicola Band was looking for a new way to connect with members during the COVID-19 pandemic, and born of that issue is the new Upper Nicola Band mobile app.

Chief Harvey McLeod joined Q101 to discuss some of the reasoning behind going digital.

“Really excited for us, because now we have a means of communicating with people immediately. A lot of people have cellphones and have apps, and this is just another app that they’ll push on their phones and get information immediately. There will be updates on their continuously. It’s really exciting to reach the people,” said McLeod.

The app will provide band members with quick access to things like forms, event details, meetings, FAQs, and more.

“A lot of the information that we’re going to be sharing on the app comes in a newsletter that we deliver every two weeks. But now we’ll be able to distribute the information the minute that it’s ready to go out versus waiting for the next newsletter run,” concluded Harvey.

The UNB app is available on both IOS and Android.


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