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This evening a pair of proposed developments will be debated at City Hall.

Both developments require a zoning amendment to proceed with one needing an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment as well.

The first is a residential development along Voght.

 Voght Development

“This requires an amendment to the OCP because it’s currently listed in the plan as future development,” began Greg Lowis. “So, in order to do medium-density residential development instead of high-density future development, we need to amend the OCP before we can amend the zoning bylaw.”

The second is on Nicola and would be the home to the new Persistence Training Centre.

“Proposing putting in a mix-use facility at Nicola and Charters. I’m sure Council and then public will have their views on that,” added Lowis.

Should the development receive first and second reading this evening, Council will be required to hold a public hearing for the OCP and zoning amendments before proceeding.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 7 pm. Those not wishing to address the council are encouraged to watch the meeting online to allow for proper physical distancing inside the chambers.


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