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Valard Construction and the Lower Nicola Indian Band have announced that the Kingsvale Electricity Transmission Line was successfully energized.

The line, south of Merritt, connects to BC Hydro’s distribution line to provide additional power to Trans Mountain’s existing Kingsvale pump station, as well as to a new Kingsvale pump station, as part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

“We are excited about the energization of this transmission line – it marks an important step towards this project being the first electricity transmission line to be majority-owned, operated, maintained, and financed by an Indigenous group in Canada,” said Lower Nicola Indian Band Chief Stu Jackson. “We look forward to the economic benefits this project provides as well as continuing to build a relationship with Trans Mountain and our partner Valard that is based upon on trust, respect, and teamwork.”

Valard and Lower Nicola will be partners in the operations of the line which will provide power to the Trans Mountain Expansion.

“We are very proud of this milestone for LNIBDC, Valard, and Trans Mountain. This has been a very unique partnership, and LNIBDC will benefit tremendously through the operation and maintenance of the Kingsvale Electricity Transmission Line. As we move forward with the Expansion Project, we are proud to be creating partnerships for Indigenous communities and are committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we build and operate,” added Ian Anderson, President, and CEO of Trans Mountain.


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