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The B.C. Green Party announced today that Sonia Furstenau has won the party’s Leadership 2020 contest, succeeding interim leader Adam Olsen, effective immediately. Furstenau won 52.4 per cent of the votes on the second ballot. 

Furstenau is MLA for Cowichan Valley and House Leader in the B.C. Green Caucus. She brings a strong record of legislative accomplishments and local governance to her leadership. She was previously Area Director for the CVRD, a teacher, and non-profit administrator. She has been involved in climate and social advocacy for over 20  years. 

“I am so excited to lead the next generation of the B.C. Greens,” Furstenau said. “Our caucus has shown that by following evidence and working collaboratively we can achieve tangible outcomes for B.C. communities, and we’re just getting started. I look forward to working with both our new and long-standing supporters to continue to grow our Party.”

After reopening the leadership contest in June, the party ran a three-month-long leadership contest ending in an eight-day voting period. The contest attracted 5,478 voters from across the province, including members and non-member “supporters”. Voter turnout was an astounding 85.0 per cent.  


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