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While City Council has returned to the chambers for in-person meetings, city committees continue to be paused.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of committees were up and running, like the Airport and BC PNP committees, while several others were in their infancy, just created by Council.

Manager of Communications Will George confirmed to Q101 that the committees have not been meeting since the pandemic struck.

“They are not currently meeting. But we are encouraging people to go to the committee page if they’re interested in participating in the future. At this time none are meeting,” said George.

George did mention that the entire structure of city committees is set to be discussed.

“We are going to be bringing a staff report forward so the council will have an opportunity to discuss the committee structure moving forward,” added George.

“Since the 2018 election, Council has created a number of new committees and appointed members to pre-existing ones. Nevertheless, with such limited Committee activity in recent months and the ongoing reduction in activity due to Covid-19, staff believe this is an opportune time to review the role of Committees in Merritt, to ensure they function well and provide value to Council, without interrupting ongoing work,” reads the staff report by Greg Lowis.

That conversation will happen on Tuesday during the regular meeting of council.


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