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Central Park Ball Diamonds

This week, BC Premier John Horgan outlined the province’s plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions and return to a new normal.

One sector that has been completely shutdown is organized sports and recreation. Locally gyms are closed, youth leagues are postponed, and fields are laying empty. 

Deputy Health Minister Stephen Brown addressed summer sports and if we’ll see them return this year.

“We’re asking for daily routine symptom screening for all participants. We’re asking that people focus on low contact sports, especially outdoors, that will be considered safer and with less risk of transmission. We want to actively engage in a discussion around higher contact sports, whether they should be taking place at all during the pandemic,” said Brown.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has stated that gyms will likely not be reopening until phase 3 of the restart plan.

Henry also addressed the future of spectators at sporting events.

“I don’t see it happening this year. I hope that when we have a vaccine and we learn more about this virus we’ll be able to get back to that type of contact as soon as we can,” added Henry.

Additional Guidelines Sports/Recreation and Camps

•Routine daily symptom screening for all participants.

•Low contact sports especially those outdoors are considered safer. Identify high contact sports that should not take place during the pandemic.

•Clear policy for participants and staff who have the symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms, with any coughing or sneezing not participating.

•Staff and participants at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not take part in recreational, sporting, or camp activities.


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