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Today, BC released its plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions in the province and return to a ‘new normal’.

While restrictions will be eased throughout the Spring and Summer, contingent on new case numbers remaining low, the importance of reducing transmission will continue.

The three keys areas of focus for reducing transmission are personal self-care, managing social interactions with extended family, and implementing safe practices in organizations and public intuitions. 

The health ministry has also laid out specific plans for offices, schools, daycares, and personal services. 

One detail that covers all sectors is the importance of no longer going into work when you’re feeling sick.


The following is from the Minister of Health;

Focus for Mid-May Onwards - Under enhanced protocols

•Restoration of health services

•Re-scheduling Elective Surgery

•Medically-related services

•Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractors

•Physical therapy, speech therapy and similar

•Retail sector 

•Hair salons/ barbers/other personal service establishments

•In-person counselling

•Restaurants, cafes, pubs –with sufficient distancing measures

•Museums, art galleries, libraries

•Office based worksites


•Parks, beaches, and outdoor spaces 

•Transit Services

•Child care


Focus June-September – If Transmission Rate Remains Low or In Decline

Under enhanced protocols

•Hotels and Resorts (June)

•Parks –broader reopening, including some overnight camping (June)

•Filmindustry –beginning with domestic productions (June/July)

•Select entertainment –Movies and symphony, but not large concerts (July)

•Post-secondary education –with a mix of online and in-class (September)

•K-12 education –with only a partial return this school year (September)


More Challenging or To Be Determined

•The timing of a safe restart of night clubs, casinos, and bars is a more complicated consideration. As with other sectors, industry associations will be expected to develop safe operations plans, for review, that are in keeping with Public Health and Safety Guidelines, as well as WorkSafeBC.

•Conditional on at least one of: wide vaccination; “community” immunity; broad successful treatments:

•Restrictions of large gathering (not >50 for social gathering NOTapplied work or retail box stores, larger grocery stores, or malls) will remain in place for now

•Activities requiring large gatherings will be prohibited


•Live audience professional sports


•International tourism


More to come

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