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Since the beginning of the school year, there has been one constant on the school board meeting agenda, vaping.

The board has been reviewing current policies and looking at how they could combat the issue at schools across the district.

Superintendent Steve McNiven said that work has led the district to look for consistency.

“What we found is our current policy connected to vaping references school codes of conducts and school procedures. I think the bottom line is there is a want to have more consistency across the district around what those procedures look like, and clarity. So, that’s what this work will support, I’m not completely sure it will change the overall policy, but it will help support that work,” said McNiven.

Assistant Superintendent Jameel Aziz has also been working on the issue from the provincial level.

“We’re working with BCSTA legal support around building some procedures. That work is being done through Jameel Aziz who sits on the school protection plan committee for the province. It’s an opportunity to look at procedures not only for our district but for the rest of the province,” added McNiven.

It’s expected that work will be back on the table in February.


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