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Nicola Valley Theatre

The Nicola Valley Theatre Society has long been working on the dream of bringing a theatre to Merritt.

Recently the project took a step forward in the form of a verbal agreement, Rich Hodson joined Q101 to discuss.

“There are encumbrances on our land that we have to satisfy, and the encumbrances are in favour of the mall owners. We’ve given them a design, they like the design and verbally they’ve agreed to support the theatre,” said Hodson.

While the society waits for the verbal agreement to be written another massive step could be taken this month.

“We applied to the Canada BC Infrastructure Grant on January 19, 2019, and we’re waiting for that announcement,” said Hodson. “We need that funding to go forward.”

The grant, if received in-full, is for $2.4 million and would put the project into high-gear. The announcement is expected sometime this month. 


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