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On the day that the Provincial Government is set to make an announcement regarding vaping and youth, the local school district is moving forward on their own document.

The topic of vaping within the district has come forward at every board meeting this year and last night decisions were made to begin drafting a document.

“I would like on behalf of the school district to put a document together that are the SD-58 expectations and consequences,” said Assistant Superintendent Jameel Aziz. “I would like permission to go away, work on that, get feedback from our schools and come back with a draft.”

It was also noted that the rules should vary depending on the age group.

“It’s important to differentiate between our younger students and our older students. If grade five and six students are experimenting, there is a whole education component, a whole parental support component that will look very different than for a grade 11 or 12 students,” added Aziz.

The board agreed that was the correct path to take and the draft will be presented to the board next month.

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