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More than $27 million in project grants that will help create jobs throughout British Columbia will also help increase the use of wood fibre that otherwise would have been burned as slash.

This was done by the Forest Enhancement Society of B.C. (FESBC), which distributes the grants, in partnership with the B.C. government and the Government of Canada.

"Nothing frustrates people more than seeing piles of slash go to waste rather than be used to help create jobs," said Ravi Kahlon, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

These projects will employ forestry contractors, some of whom might otherwise be unemployed. Also, it will help to employ mill workers who produce electricity, wood pellets, and pulp at mills that produce these products specifically. As a result, more wood waste will be turned into electricity, heat energy, and pulp products to help achieve B.C.'s and Canada's climate change targets.

The Forest Enhancement Society of B.C. is a Crown agency. It was established in 2016 to advance the environmental and resource stewardship of the province's forests by preventing wildfires and mitigating wildfire impacts.

Through the earlier intake to the program, Valley Carriers was granted $500,000 for working about 37,000 cubic metres in the Merritt area.

Logan Lake also received funding for its Community Forest Corporation to the tune of $150,069.

Projects funded by the Forest Enhancement Society of B.C. help minimize wildfire risks, enhance wildlife habitat, improve low-value and damaged forests, re-plant damaged forests and use fibre for green energy production. Many of these projects also result in carbon benefits and contribute to climate change mitigation. 


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