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Last week, the Liberal Party acclaimed Dr. Mary Ann Murphy as their candidate.

Dr. Murphy, a long-time resident of the riding, has a Ph.D. in health and social policy from a University in Boston. Murphy has worked previously with the United Nations in Vienna and is currently an associate professor at UBC Okanagan.

Q101 had the opportunity to speak with the Candidate about her first foray into the political world.

“I decided to run for the nomination because I was so concerned about the partisan, negative and divisive tone of our politics,” said Murphy. “I’ve talked to many people at the door and I feel like its distracting us from the real issues. What most people at the door have told me is that our current tone of politics doesn’t at all represent what they tell me they expect from their politicians. It tends to leave many people wondering what and who to believe.”

Murphy also spoke to some of the issues facing those in the riding.

“Like many of the issues up and down the riding, you’re currently dealing with the supply of health care professionals. For you (Merritt), obviously issues around your watershed and the balance between fishing and clean water supplies, irrigation and the drought we may be facing now and into the summer,” said Murphy. “I’m just as concerned as everyone else will be this summer around issues of climate and bio-diversity.”

“I’m also concerned for your region about the percent of children in the riding, it’s quite high. We’ve talked to so many parents who are concerned about childcare issues,” said Murphy. “On the other end of the spectrum, we’re looking forward to the Liberal Government completing three important senior strategies in the area of dementia, a senior strategy that includes the health care workforce and pharma care.”

She also spoke to why she believes the Liberals have a good chance to unseat incumbent MP Dan Albas.

“I think what really distinguishes the Liberal Party overall is its balance of economic, environmental and social policy,” said Murphy.

“There is currently a pretty large influx of people into the Okanagan. So, things have changed, this old presumption that we’re this or that, conservative or not, I think the people who are moving into the riding and changing opinions might demonstrate that things have changed since 2015,” concluded Murphy.

 Along with Murphy and MP Albas, the Greens have acclaimed  Robert Mellalieu, the NDP tapped Joan Phillip and the People’s Party of Canada’s Allan Duncan rounds out the race for the seat in Ottawa.

The election is scheduled for October 21st.


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