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Allan Duncan has been officially acclaimed as the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate for the riding of Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola ahead of this year Federal Election.

The People’s Party hopes to run a full slate in this year’s election. The Party was founded by Maxime Bernier a former Conservative MP before he left the caucus in August of 2018 to sit as an independent. He later announced the formation of a new political party in Canada, the People’s Party of Canada.

Q101 had an opportunity to speak with Duncan about his acclimation and the general outlook of the People’s Party.

Duncan mentioned how the last three years of Liberal rule led to his desire to run for a Federal seat.

“It did seem to me that the opposition wasn’t very vigorous. Then in September, Max formed the new party and then I joined the local riding association,” said Duncan. “I want to make an impact and make a difference. It seems like Ottawa needs to be renovated every 10 or 12 years, party’s come up with a lot of enthusiasm, but what ever happens they gain complacency.”  

“I think the Federal Government’s polices are reckless, I think they’re invasive in people’s personal freedoms. As well as the economy, there is the reckless spending, giving away money, the stewardship of the economy isn’t taken with care. If the economy keeps going in the way it is that could leave us all in a serious situation with our jobs, with things like international treaties and trade,” said Duncan. “If interest rates go up, even a little bit that can leave a lot of people in a tough spot. I think Federally there’s some bad things happening, some carelessness happening that can really mess with people’s lives.”

As far as a possible vote split with the Conservatives as the two right of centre parties, Duncan was unconcerned, suggesting the Conservatives may not even be right of centre at all.

“The Federal Liberals were supposed to be left of centre, they got in power and they became way left of centre, like farther left than the NDP. The Conservatives are supposed to be right of centre, but they moved into that space and they’re starting to drift into that mindset and philosophy,” said Duncan. “The PPC maintains right of centre conservatism, I appreciate that about Maxime Bernier, he’s sticking to those principals. I see it as the PCC is the only right of centre conservative party left in Canada federally.”

“I think that the Conservatives are looking to split and take votes from the Liberals. So, that’s our challenge is to get our message out that we are Canada’s Conservative Party,” concluded Duncan.


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