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(Joan Phillip)

The 2019 Federal Election is scheduled for Monday October 21st.

Merritt falls into the Central-Okaganan-Similkameen-Nicola electoral district. The 2015 election was the first for the newly formed district and the election was won by Conservative Dan Albas.

Albas has already been acclaimed as the conservative nominee and will be looking for re-election in October. 

Now the NDP have officially named Joan Phillip as their candidate.

Phillip has been with the NDP since 1972 and has run for office before at both the Federal and Provincial levels.

Q101 spoke with Phillip after her acclamation on Saturday.

"I’ve had a lot of political experience, I’ve been committed to people and the environment since I was 16-years-old,” said Phillip. “I think we need a strong voice in Ottawa right now, I think we really need someone who’s not afraid to stand up and speak up.”

She also commented on some of her key priorities that she hopes will help her stand out to potential voters.

"Narrowing the gap between the wealthy and the working people in this country. That's what separates the New Democrats from both the Liberals and the Conservatives,” said Phillip.

Phillip is hoping to bring some diversity to the house of commons in Ottawa.

"I think that part of the problem at we have in Ottawa is that there’s no balance. You need balance between men and women, and you need balance between people of colour and our neighbours,” said Phillip. “You need to be creative and by hearing that other voice then it allows us to be a lot more creative. It gives other people permission to speak up when we speak up.”

Phillip and Albas are the only acclaimed candidates at this time as the Greens and Liberal have not officially named theirs.


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