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trans mountain pipeline

“I find it amazing that we have a Government in BC, that is using our tax dollars to fight a pipeline that the Federal Government has bought with our tax dollars,” stated MLA Jackie Tegart.

Last week the National Energy Board recommended approval for the Trans-Mountain pipeline. The approval was accompanied by 156 conditions including 16 new recommendations that relate to marine shipping practices.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart has long been a vocal supporter of the project.

“I’ve been pretty vocal about support for the project and the jobs that come with that,” said Tegart. “When we look at BC and we look at the alternatives to how we ship the product, I believe pipelines are the safest way to do that.”

Immediately after the approval environmental groups went back on the offensive in their campaign to stop the pipeline.

“We need to get that product to the water,” said Tegart.

The approval comes following the project being struck down in a Federal Court of Appeals in August of 2018.

MLA Tegart believes BC has an obligation to other Provinces to help get their product to market.

“How important it is that a fellow province gets their product to a place where they can ship it out,” said Tegart. “We have a role as the port to take a look at how we can help people in central Canada get their product to the countries they want to get it to.”

“The pipeline is one of those issues that we as British Columbians we not only look at jobs and the advantages to us as it comes through BC. But we have to think about who we are as Canadians,” concluded Tegart.

The Federal Government now has 90 days to approve the project. The decision is not expected to be made until more consultation has been completed.


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