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City of Merritt needing to establish privacy policy before adding security cameras at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena.
Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has indicated it is necessary a policy be established before they will review any Privacy Impact Study from the city.
"It would set out the rules for how we deal with information that is collected by the security cameras. Who could access it, how the information would be used, who we would disclose it to, and the process of how it would be disclosed."
Recent rulings from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner concerning Terrace and Vancouver proves the OPIC doesn't believe security cameras are that effective in reducing crime.
Despite that, Mayor and Council voted to move ahead with a proposal in May that would see cameras installed at both the arena, and eventually the alley connecting the Rail Yard Mall with the Nicola Valley and District MuseumNicola Valley and District Museum
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