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Major construction projects on the Coquihalla highway to resume this spring.
Started last summer, Ministry of Transportation district manager Trent Folk says both the Dry Gulch Bridge rehabilitation project and expansion of the Box Canyon Chain Up area were unable to be completed before winter.
He says just a bit of work remains on the bridge, but there is still a lot of work to be done at the chain up area south of the Coquihalla Summit.
the Box Canyon Chain Up will certainly have lane closures in place again while we finish construction there. But, most of the work at the Dry Gulch Bridge is completed, so the lane restrictions that were in place there will largely be avoided. A lot of the cleanup work there will be offline, but there may be the odd closure though."
The combined cost of both projects is over $22-million.
Folk says they are hopeful work can begin within the next month.
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