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Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club members continue to fish in protest at Corbett Lake.

Since the club officially announced its intentions to join a group of members fighting for public access at the private lake along Hwy 97C east of Merritt last month, director Rick McGowan says members have been out fishing at least five times.

On one occasion members were harassed about parking along the highway by RCMP officers, but no one fishing has been charged.

"It's not any kind of victory yet. We don't expect anything to officially change until a ruling is made in our civil trial over Minnie and Stoney Lake. So, everything remains in limbo, we are just going fishing."

Corbett Lake is surrounded by private property, owned by the Corbett Lake Lodge, the Douglas Lake Cattle Company and the Nicola Ranch.

Multiple staged protests at the lake in recent years have resulted in trespassing charges for area fishermen, including McGowan, but no jail time was ever served.


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