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City of Merritt denying School District 58's request for 'pride' crosswalk.
The district was asking permission to paint a rainbow themed crosswalk at Coldwater Ave and Chapman St, following a request from Merritt Secondary School students back in January.
While Mayor Neil Menard liked the idea in principle, he and the majority of Council believed it set a precedent, which the city could be held to.
"What if the Merritt Centennials wanted a crosswalk by the arena painted red, white and black? Or, if the Rotary Club wants to paint the crosswalk into Rotary Park in whatever colours they are? I'm a bit worried it opens up kind of a Pandora's box."
A 'pride' crosswalk at MSS could still happen, as trustees did float the idea of a second location on school property at January's board meeting.
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