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Invasive fish advancing further down the Nicola River System.

Fisheries biologist in the Thompson-Okanagan Region Andrew Klassen confirms a fish kill back in September successfully eliminated 100% of yellow perch in Windy Lake discovered back in 2016.

However, a follow up assessment of Sanctuary Lake, uncovered an established population of the invasive fish downstream.

"The lake is on the Douglas Lake Ranch property, just above Douglas Lake. Unfortunately, we didn't find out that the yellow perch were in Windy Lake for six or seven years, and, by then we believe they had already made their way downstream, through the Upper Nicola and into Sanctuary Lake. So, they are established there. And, the concern now is whether they are in Douglas Lake, or as far as Nicola. So, we have applied for some funding to do some follow up monitoring."

Klassen says the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations is working closely with the Douglas Lake Ranch to contain the yellow perch in Sanctuary Lake, and will work with Upper Nicola Band to try and determine if invasive fish have established in Douglas Lake.

Sampling will begin in the spring.


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