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Industry in the City of Merritt taking another hit.
Mayor Neil Menard confirming that after exhausting efforts to back up and running following a Thanksgiving Day fire in 2016, the Diacarbon manufacturing plant will not be restarting its pellet business in Merritt.
"They have indicated to me they are going through a process to process to sell the pellet mill assets to a new owner, and the technology development program is being moved to Vancouver or the USA depending on how things unfold."
Menard says its another blow to the city's already shrinking industrial tax base.
"We've notified the province, and are hoping to get some assistance. It's unfortunate as its another large business that is leaving. But, there is not much that could be done about it, and its now another thing that we are going to have to deal with."
Diacarbon acquired the pellet plant in 2014, with the plan to produce biocoal using a process called torréfaction.
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