Top 25 Countdown
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Welcome to another edition of the Top 25 Countdown! Hope you're having a terrific weekend! Coming up on today's Countdown,  popular former American Idol contender, Kelly Clarkson ( Pictured)  has once again snuck her way into the countdown today, while other popular artists have slipped in the charts, making more room for a new number 1 Canadian artist in the ranks. On top of this, as always we will take you back in time with some old classics that were number one back on today's date in history.  It's all coming up today on the Top 25 Countdown! 

The Top 25 Countdown is every Sunday Morning at 10, hosted by Q101's Tyler Cronsilver. Tune in every Sunday Morning, and enjoy your cup of Coffee, and Tyler's Top 25 Countdown. Canadian artists highlighted in red.Our countdown is based on the Billboard Canada Adult Contemporary National Airplay charts.

 Kelly Clarkson Dare You To Love


  1. THE WEEKND Blinding Lights ***1 WEEK AT NUMBER 1 ****
  2. HARRY STYLES Adore You (1) 
  3. POST MALONE Circles (3)         
  4. JUSTIN BIEBER FEAT. QUAVO Intentions (5)  
  5. MAREN MORRIS The Bones (4) 
  7. DUA LIPA Don't Start Now (6) 
  8. VIRGINIA TO VEGAS Betterman (9)   
  9. JP SAXE FEAT. JULIA MICHAELS If The World Was Ending (8) 
  10. LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go (21) 
  11. WALK OFF THE EARTH I'll Be There (11) 
  12. ALESSIA CARA Rooting For You (12) 
  13. MAROON 5 Memories (7) 
  14. MACKENZIE PORTER These Days (18)  
  15. ED SHEERAN & JUSTIN BIEBER I Don't Care (10) 
  16. RYLAND JAMES In My Head (15) 
  17. THE WEEKND In These Eyes (17)       
  18. ARTISTSCAN Lean On Me (16) 
  19. SHAWN MENDES & CAMILA CABELLO Senorita (14) 
  20. VIRGINIA TO VEGAS Just Friends (19) 
  21. SCOTT HELMAN Wait No More (25) 
  22. DUA LIPA Break My Heart (22) 
  23. HARRY STYLES Watermelon Sugar (24) 
  24. MAROON 5 Nobody's Love (26) 
  25. KELLY CLARKSON I Dare You (28) 
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