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(Pictured above is a vehicle leaving the Moonshadows RV Park early Sunday morning as rain caused the area to flood. Courtesy Julie Pollard)


Q101's Roger White catches up with Merritt resident Julie Pollard who was woken early Sunday morning and forced to leave her campground because of flooding.

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rotary park

Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with Recreation Programmer of Merritt, Felicity Peate. They discuss a free hike, yoga, and much more fun activities soon to be happening. Tune in to learn more about the future of Music in the Square as well!

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver spoke with Economic , Tourism, and Communications Manager, Will George about flooding here in the city, how they plan to combat this, and how Covid- 19 has affected tourism.

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Q101's Roger White chats with 19-year-old Darius Sam who is planning an ambitious fundraiser for the Nicola Valley Food Bank which includes a 100-mile run. Click on the link for more details.

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Bear Necessities


Q101's Roger White chats with Conversation Officer Tyler Kerr in regards to bears in the Merritt area wandering into the city as they awake from hibernation.


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Murray Church

Q101's Roger White chats with Richie Gage who sits on the committee to rebuild the historic Murray United Church that was destroyed by arson in 2019. Richie gives us an update of the progress.

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