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Letters One

Canada Post letter carrier Janet Newman discovered a few surprises waiting for her as she travelled her route this week. Q101's Roger White chatted with her about her find and how Canada Post is dealing with the pandemic.



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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with one of the owners of Black's Pharmacy, Blaine about how they have adapted and found solutions to help in times like these with Covid-19.

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Q101's Roger White discusses how the Centennials are adapting to the Covid 19 outbreak with head coach and General Manager Derek Sweet-Coulter.

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with Carrie Ware on tips on staying productive and on task while working from home. Working with a partner, working with kids, and much more in this edition of Tyler's Talks.

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver was lucky enough to reach out to the Easter Bunny before they embark on their adventure. They talk favourite chocolates, names, How many years they've been doing this for, and much more!

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Q101's Roger White chats with Merritt Country Run race co-ordinator Stacey Krajci on the decision to cancel this years event due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Stacey stays positive and looks for 2021 to be the biggest run in years.

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