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Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society altering plans for Merritt theatre project.

To increase the chances of the $5-million plus project being built, director Kurt Christopherson says they have presented an option to the City of Merritt that would see the preforming arts theatre removed from the current plan, and added on to the Civic Centre.

Separating it from the other three bays of the proposed downtown theatre would shift the preforming arts component to a City of Merritt initiative and allow access to previously unattainable federal and provincial funding.

"Merritt will benefit from having a proper, fully functioning preforming arts centre. The purpose of the movie theatre is to provide a source of revenue to subsidize operating costs. And, the movie theaters are an added bonus for the downtown business section. But, it depends on the city's decision, and as a Councillor and a director for the project, I won’t be apart of that."

Over $1-million has been raised has been by the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society for the proposed theatre project to date.

The plan, which still does not include tax payer money, will be discussed further at Tuesday's regular meeting of Council.


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