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Inflows to Nicola Lake have finally peaked.

Dam operator Sarah Simon says inflows at the lake north of Merritt topped out on Friday.

"We peaked on May 11th. The total inflow of the peak was 110 cubic metres per second. And, yesterday's value was 95 cubic metres per second. So, that is a pretty aggressive drop in ithat short time."

Despite inflows peaking, Nicola Lake will continue to rise, but Simon says outflows will remain the same for the next week.

"The lake level will start to stabilize but will creep up a little bit still. Then as soon as the outflows get larger than the inflows it will start to bring the lake down. Right now, I am not planning on opening the gates anymore, so the water flowing through the city today will stay the same. But, when we can start reducing that is unknown right now."

More than 70 people within the City of Merritt have been evacuated because of flooding from the Nicola River, and all homes within the city on the Nicola River floodplain remain under an Evacuation Alert.
Until the level of the lake drops another 1/2 metre, which Simon says will likely take at least a week, the threat of flooding downstream will continue.


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