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Arguments for whether murderer Allan Schoenborn can be declared 'high-risk' accused are expected to begin today.

Whether Bill C-17 complies with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will debated in BC Supreme Court this week.

Dave Teixeira who speaks for Schoenborn's ex-wife, says the law introduced by the Conservative government in 2013 is exactly what's needed for the man found not criminally responsible for murdering his three children in their Merritt home back in 2008 because of a mental disorder.

"He has not been rehabilitated. He needs treatment. And, that's really what this allows for. If found 'high-risk' he will be forced into taking the treatment he needs, and deserve as well."

Should the judge rule Bill C-17 compiles with the charter, parole hearings for Schoenborn could only be held every three years, instead of annually.

With both Bass Coast and the Rockin River Music Fest expecting record crowds this summer, Tourism Merritt is ready to reap both the rewards and benefits.

Tourism Merritt will have booths setup at both events.

City of Merritt Manager of Economic Development and Tourism Will George says the plan is to highlight what else guests to the area can experience.

"They come for the festival, but then discover all the hidden treasures within the community. So, we'll highlight where to stay, where to eat, and of course where to shop."

With over 90% of the attendees for both festivals coming from outside the Nicola Valley, the Rockin' River Music Fest and Bass Coast Festival are expected to generate well over $4-million in economic activity to Merritt and the surrounding area.

Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo Association's bid to host the Canadian National High School Rodeo Finals is being complicated by parking issues.

In preparing a bid to host the championship in 2018, member Fritz Mair says the only snag so far, is figuring out where at the rodeo grounds everyone will park.

"The event is huge. I was speaking to people in Nanton (AB), which hosted the event last year. They said they had over 270 vehicles, and over 300 horses. It will be tough to accommodate that here, but we are trying to figure that out now as we put together the bid."

If successful, its estimated that the Canadian National High School Rodeo Finals would bring over 300 competitors to the city to compete.

Mair says the plan is to submit their bid by the end of the month.

Art Walk returning for a fifth summer in Merritt.

The annual event that pairs artists and businesses run in partnership by the Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce and Nicola Valley Arts Council officially kicks off on Canada at Rotary Park.

Arts club president Chelsea Werrun is promising another great event.

"We have a lot of new artists this year. And, also more of a variety in what is being shown, which we are very excited about. With the new artists, we can continue to grow the event for years to come."

At least 21 businesses, and 20 artists participating in this year's Art Walk.

ATV riders injured, and flown to hospital after crashing near Merritt.

Nicola Valley Search and Rescue Association manager Lynne Broekhuizen says multiple people were injured this afternoon while riding their ATV in an area up Midday Valley Rd.

"We've just done a steep-slope extraction of an injured ATV rider up in the Midday Valley Area. Our rope team brought her up, she was put on a stretcher, and taken to a spot where she could be taken to hospital via air ambulance. Then, right after that we got a call about an injured male ATV rider that also crashed in the same area. He has been located, put on a stretcher and is now waiting for the air ambulance to come back and pick him up."

Broekhuzen says both the male and female being taken to hospital have suffered serious injuries.


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