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Murderer Allan Schoenborn looking for community passes.

The man who killed his three children back in Merritt back in 2008 has a hearing scheduled for May 24th at Colony Farm.

Speaking on behalf the children's mother, Dave Teixeira is calling the latest development a disappointment.

"We get turn after turn, where Mr. Schoenborn is given privilege after privilege. Yes, he's been denied a lot of times, but his lawyers continue to delay and frustrate the system."

Teixeira says he fears their mothers safety if the passes are granted.

"If their high designation hearing was completed before his hearing he may not get out, but because it's going to happen before the high designation hearing is concluded, there's a possibility that he could get freedoms that could actually circumvent what's going on in court right now, so it's a very, very frustrating procedure."

Schoenborn was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder in February 2010 after killing his daughter and two sons at their home in Merritt.


Recent accidents at the Highland Valley Cooper mine have workers reflecting on the Day of Mourning.

The 144 workers that died on the job in BC last year are being remembered across the province today.

And while United Steelworkers Local 7619 President Kyle Wolf says none of the fatalities occurred at the mine, it's not because workers aren't taking too may risks.

"We're running massive campaigns right now, and investigations trying to get information out of the company. We've got some serious problems here right now, and everything is being disputed by the company."

After as many as eight accidents at the mine in recent months, Wolf says he is trying to get workers to get in the habit of refusing unsafe work, something all workers in BC have the right to do.

Number one issue in Fraser-Nicola, different for all four candidates looking to be the riding's next MLA.

During yesterday's roundtable discussion heard right here on Q101, candidates were questioned about the number one issue they're hearing about from constituents.

BC NDP candidate Harry Lali says people are tired of Liberal corruption.

"How they take money from corporations. And, those same corporations are being rewarded with contracts, many which are not being tendered. People don't trust the BC Liberals. People want a change in government, and feel 16-years in power is far too long."

BC Green Party candidate Arthur Green says people are tired of hearing old ideas.

"There are no new ideas coming from either the BC Liberals or BC NDP. I believe this is because of patronage through political donations. Both parties are committed to looking out for their corporate and union donors first."

BC Social Credit Party candidate Michael Henshall says people are telling him, they are tired of not being able to make ends meat.

"At the end of the day, we've had a history of tax and spend governments that aren't looking out for their citizens."

And incumbent BC Liberal Party candidate Jackie Tegart says the number one concern is healthcare.

"We are increasing the training spaces for doctors from 128, to 288. Placing 100 additional nurse practioners in the province. And, plan to fund the expansion of the Merritt hospital emergency room."

For those who missed it, the entire Q101 2017 Fraser-Nicola Roundtable held at NVIT can be heard through a link available on both the Q101 Facebook and Twitter pages.

Challengers voicing opposition to Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion during yesterday's Q101 Fraser-Nicola Candidate Roundtable.

BC Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart believes Kinder Morgan has done their due diligence, and the $7.4-billion expansion will bring much needed jobs to the area.

"We insisted on five conditions. Those conditions were the environmental assessment, land and sea spill response plans, First Nations consultation, and that BC receives its fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits."

In opposition to the expansion, BC NDP Candidate Harry Lali believes the five conditions were pre-arranged with the federal government, and is skeptical it will ever get built.

"The Liberals have had four years to build this. You don't see any shovels in the ground, and what's the guarantee that will happen in the next four years."

BC Green Party Candidate Arthur Green believes the only benefactor is Kinder Morgan.

"We will do whatever we can to shut this down. The economics of mining and shipping bitumen is an economic tax payer, subsidized train wreck. Not to mention an environmental nightmare."

And, BC Social Credit Party candidate Michael Henshall is also of the opinion the approval of the expansion was bought and paid for.

"This is the primary reason the BC Liberals have to go. They are putting these corporate interests in every aspect, ahead of the needs of British Columbians."

For those who missed it, the entire Q101 2017 Fraser-Nicola Roundtable held at NVIT can be heard through a link available on both the Q101 Facebook and Twitter pages.

Merritt residents reminded to not leave vehicles unlocked.

Merritt RCMP Cst Tracy Dunsmore says the warning comes after a number of unlocked vehicles were accessed by thieves in recent days.

"There also seems to be somebody out and about checking door handles. When people call in they say they left their car unlocked and somebody went through it. It seems to be a recurring theme, that the one time somebody leaves their doors unlocked something goes missing. That tells me thieves are out canvassing on a regular basis."

If a vehicle is locked thieves usually move on, but Dunsmore all says it's still important not to leave any valuables in sight.

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